old-world wares at moss nest in berry


I went on a road trip to Jervis Bay recently and drove through the quaint and charming town of Berry to get there. The best part of Berry, I have to say, is a gorgeous store by the name of Moss Nest on the main strip of the suburb. Filled to the brim with eclectic homewares, it’s a must-see for both locals and out-of-towners alike. I made a pit stop and wandered through this little haven, snapping some photos of the most charming – and interesting – items!

P1130647 P1130650P1130655P1130663

As you can see by the taxidermy above, I did say some of the pieces were interesting! This fox head certainly grabbed my attention as I wandered through the store. The brown glass bottle at the start of this post, containing matches, is probably my fave shot from the tour, but the tags below were also a standout – and if you’re a baker I’m sure you’ll appreciate them too. There were also some cute gift tags in-store and I love that Locals Only sign further down!


P1130661 P1130666 P1130667

If you’re passing through Berry, make sure you stop on the main strip, grab a bite to eat wander through Moss Nest. They stock candles, flowers, stationery and more – along with all the glorious decorative pieces you see in this post.

Drop me a comment below and let me know your fave snap in this post – or if you’ve been to Moss Nest recently and loved it as much as I did.

2 thoughts on “old-world wares at moss nest in berry

  1. I live close to Berry thats an amazing store. I love it so much, another shop I always drop into aswell is Haven and Space and the Berry Tea Shop. All equally amazing :).

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