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Chris and Marjorie

I’m a Sydney lad with a homewares obsession. In fact, I’m kinda the Brad and Angelina of homewares; I just keep adopting pieces and pray to the decor gods that they’ll all get along.

To say I enjoy a dabble in all things crafty and DIY is a bit of an understatement. Point me in the direction of a second-hand store where I can find something to up-cycle and I’m in heaven. I also tend to go a bit weak at the knees over stationery and adore homes with colour (Scandi is lovely and all, but who had that much restraint when it comes to hue!?).

As a writer and columnist – not to mention styling enthusiast – I have my fingers in many pies (though baking is not exactly my strong point, so I mean that metaphorically). I also have two cats; one that is a regal, demanding monster (do not tell her I said that) and one who is only happy if she’s eating her own body weight in tuna – so they keep me busy, too.

Supporting Aussie talent is something I’m all for, so the blog is jam-packed with local Creatives doing great things in the design world. Hit my social media pages too if you swing that way – TLC land is very interactive and I’m always calling on you Creatives for opinions and advice.

I’m having an absolute blast living The Life Creative and hope you’ll join me for the adventure.

Happy decorating!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Chris, so very refreshing to find a blog that reflects a person true personality and passion..with a dash of good humour to help. Keep up the fab work!! Anna x

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