christmas has landed at ikea (hold me back!)


Something really must be said about traditional Christmas colours; they take me right back to being a child in the eighties, before stylists turned the festive season blue and pink and orange and lime green. This year, IKEA has released its Christmas decorations in hues I can’t help but smile over; glorious gold and silver plus a generous dose of green and red. What can I say? I want it all and I need it all – immediately if not sooner! No, really, someone get me to IKEA before I throw a tantrum (just like in the eighties).

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the antique magic at the bronte tram


It’s not often I wish for a red light when driving, but every time I go past The Bronte Tram I pray to the homewares gods to give me the red! When I’m lucky enough, they answer my call and I get to sit there long enough to take in the beauty that is this amazing antique, homewares and collectables store. This time around I parked the car, braced myself for oncoming heart palpitations and went on in – camera in hand.

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