a look at dusk’s new artisan range; an all-stops train to candle heaven

dusk Artisan range in Pink Citron

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a strong love for the three C’s; cats, cushions and candles. The masterminds at Dusk are heeding my call for more of the latter, because their Artisan range has just hit shelves. As you can see, these candles look pretty stunning, but what I find interesting is that you can imagine what each new fragrance might smell like through their new Scent App on Facebook (we are officially living in the future).

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this week’s top seven creative finds


1 | I was smiling from ear to ear when my glorious business cards arrived this week courtesy of the graphic design genius Amber Stapff at Sprowt Graphic Design. The entire process was seamless. Amber really understood the vibe of the blog and incorporated all the key elements I was after; the black circle, the chevron, my lowercase tlc and the colours I was looking for. I am absolutely in love with them. What do you think?

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creative finds | this weekend’s top five

As always, the weekend is the time when I get out and about to scope the stores, look at bar and restaurant decor or hit the galleries for a bit of artistic inspiration. This week was no different. Check out some of the things I saw!

White elephant from Sky Parlour Store1 | This gorgeous elephant lives at Sky Parlour – an amazing homewares store in Kensington, Sydney. I recently did a store tour there and this little guy just called out to me. I have decided to call him Elton. He just looks like an Elton, don’t you think?

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