form, function and fun at freedom


Freedom and I have had a long friendship. I recall saving up across several paycheques as an 18 year old and going to Freedom to get my first real bedroom setting; an amazing bed, tallboy and two bedside tables combination. Years on (I won’t divulge exactly how many) I still gravitate toward this homewares haven for the very same reasons I did back then; phenomenal furniture with form, function and fun. On with the store tour…

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the gorgeous humble beginnings in randwick


There’s a homewares store I’ve been going to for years now, every time a birthday rolls around and I want to present a gift to someone that oozes heart and warmth; it’s called Humble Beginnings and it’s quite possibly my favourite homeswares store (and ok – you got me – sometimes I go there when there are no upcoming birthdays and I just want a wow moment!).

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project | put together a gorgeous gift hamper

A friend of mine recently moved house with her little ones and it was time to go on a road trip to check out her new digs. I decided to put together a housewarming hamper of a few essentials she mentioned she needed. I always say the presentation is just as important as the pressie, here’s how it all came together!

My top tip: take everything out of its original packaging for maximum impact!

Simply layer some tissue paper in the base of a box to create a little volume (and protect the contents). I chose white and pink here because it contrasts nicely against the blue box; not too feminine but not too manly.

I added in four red wine glasses and a packet of candles in red hues. Just squeeze them in wherever you can!

I popped a few tea towels into the hamper in complementing pink and white shades and then added some serviettes which tie in perfectly with the look I was going for – it’s a little girly but not too overboard.

Apart from the tissue paper – which was sourced from Typo and a local newsagent – all items were purchased from IKEA.

This idea can be transferred to any box and tailored to any occasion – especially Christmas!